Saturday, January 22, 2011

Run to Paradise

I just got home from doing my first 10km in many years.

Time according to treadmill: 1:08:35. MiCoach time for 10km: 1:04:35 (

Pretty pleased with either, miCoach time is within my current goal time for 10km, if I were to do a 10km fun run, that's the time I would want to do it in.

It was both difficult and easy. Straight up I knew I could do it, the run was comfortable from the get-go. At about 2.5km I was starting to feel a little fatigued and started to question the possibility. I told myself from the beginning that it was simply 20 x 500m. And whenever I really struggled I told myself how many 500m to go, and it seemed less daunting.

Once I hit the half way point I knew I could do it, I was comfortable for about 80% of the run, had a few struggles but mostly was pretty good. If I set out to do a 12km I probably could've done it, but I wouldn't have wanted to.

On the way home I had a severe case of 'Runner's high'. I sent many text messages, have posted on Twitter and Facebook, to have no one 'congratulate' me. I find that upsetting because of the crazy high I was at. Yes, I feel that I need some validation for what I have done. Previously when I was running 10km I would always have someone to talk to about it as soon as I got home, and to 'share' my joy with. Disappointed that no one is 'here' for me during this very important time in my running journey.

But I won't let that get me too down. I achieved 2 of my goals within 69 minutes. 7km and 10km.

I have decided on the Brisbane Running Festival in August to take on my first half marathon. Plenty of time to train.

Now I look forward to my next 10km, and to be able to share the moment with someone (anyone) would be nice for next time. However it's not going to be anywhere near as special at this moment now, I guess this one is just for me.

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