Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Leg success

This morning I decided my lunch time run would be 5km, as it has been quite sometime since I've done a long run.

When I started my run I felt so very comfortable, I thought I could run at that pace forever, so I got over excited and sped up a little.

About 2.25km in I started to feel like I couldn't do much more, I told myself I could stop at 3km, but then at about 2.6km, where I was past the half way point, I convinced myself it would be great if I could do what I actually planned to do. I slowed down a tiny bit, regained my comfort and got back into it. I managed to get the speed up a little bit by the time I got to 4km, then did a good 10-11 pace sprint at the end.

My legs feel fantastic after that effort, normally my legs feel horrible and achey. This is a great sign that my new technique is working well.

I emailed The Athlete's Foot again today to see if they had any Adidas MiCoach in stock, I went to the Woden store yesterday but they don't stock them. I think having the motivation and data from it is going to help me get better faster.

The 10km run I am training for now is on the 6th March, that's 9 weeks away. I am hoping I can run it under 65 minutes. Under 60 is probably a bit too unrealistic at this point.

Tomorrow I'm thinking I'm going for a 3km run. If I feel sore I might skip it or just do 2km. Because 2km is almost as pointless as doing nothing these days anyway ;)

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  1. Hey Julie, congrats on putting some real goals together and working towards them. Best way to do it.

    From the 2 people that I know that have gone through this kind of process and actually lost a lot of weight (and kept it off) have said that the thing that got the best results was from not eating anything from 2-3 hours before bed.
    The body starts burning stored fat after about the 5th hour, while you are asleep! Sweet deal.

    Keep it up.

    Cheers, Bruce