Sunday, January 30, 2011

Half way!

Got out for a run today, and did 6km.

Just before 5km I was thinking it was going a bit tough, and thought I might be able to make my fastest ever 5km. So I did a sprint to get to 5km, and was *just* short of my fastest, so to 'punish' myself I had to finish the 6km as planned.

Was just short of my last 6km, with a time of 39:49. If I had known what my best 6km time was, and that I was close I might've pushed harder. I honestly thought it was in the 38s.

Anyways, after my run I was over 5kg loss, and I've maintained it for the rest of the day, so I'm calling it. I've lost 5kg! Which means 5kg to go. Well, my last weigh in put me at 5.5kg, so 4.5kg to go! Less than 2kg to go before I can go clothes shopping again.

Very pleased.

Tuesday is the beginning of my tough February challenge. I'll post details on it here tomorrow.

So I'll either do a short run tomorrow, and maybe water aerobics, or just one, or none.

Think there is a run on the weekend, a 6km for women only, which I might do. It's about time I did an outside run. I think my last one was Boxing Day.

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