Saturday, January 8, 2011

Long walk

I meant to try for a long run today, but only 0.5km in I knew it was not possible. My right knee was sore, my left ankle a bit stiff. So instead I decided to continue on with a walk/intervals for an hour.

Was interesting looking at the HR stats for the effort. If what I hear is true, that my fat burning heart rate is lower then the effort should've been a good fat burning session!

I was a bit lighter on the scales after the workout, and for dinner I decided to have pork and salad. I was tempted for dessert, but looked that both options were over 400 calories and I went with a Biggest Loser 100 calorie snack bar instead. Some 'Commando' bar.

Speaking of, I'm looking forward to the new Biggest Loser starting, no idea when it starts?

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