Monday, January 17, 2011

The most important meal of the day

Yesterday I bought a book called 'Losing the Last 5kg' by Susie Burrell. I was actually looking for the book of the same title by Michelle Bridges, but couldn't find it. I flicked through the book last night and found myself thinking I was already doing pretty much everything that she was saying to do. The only thing I wasn't doing, was having a proper breakfast.

Lately I've been snacking on a Biggest Loser breakfast bar between getting to work and lunch time. Not good. So, the big change I am now going to make is to have a nice protein rich breakfast every morning. This morning I started with an omelette with toast. Tomorrow it will be baked beans on toast. Mmm.

Here's hoping that kicks off some more weight loss.

Today I did a miCoach workout, the first time I have done one of the workouts they have designed. It was blue zone with red zone intervals. Overall it was 35 minutes, and I pushed that out to 38 minutes to get to 5km. Very pleased with my effort, I was sweating all over the treadmill (could also be from how frigging hot it is today!).

My legs are super duper fatigued, not sore, just fatigued.

Possibly playing tennis after work tomorrow. Hopefully.

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