Thursday, January 20, 2011

5km win, new 'no shopping' motivation

Yesterday I went for a lunch time run, originally I intended to do another miCoach interval, but decided sometime in the morning it was time to try for a sustained run. By that, I meant 3km because I'm pretty busy at work and didn't want to be out of the office for too long.

Pretty quickly into the run I knew I was feeling great. I did my usual 'intervals' for the last 200m of a km, and I also added a slower 'interval' between 0.3 and 0.5 of each km. After the 3km point I was struggling a bit, but knew I could continue. I decided that I wouldn't do any more intervals.

At this point I was trying to do the maths in my head to try to beat my best 5km time. When I run, particularly near the end, my thinking capability, particularly mathematics capability is very low. Somehow I figured out what speed I needed to do to ensure I got well below 33 minutes. And I did, I managed to do it in 32:46 according to the treadmill, a whole 20 seconds off my fastest. That might not sound much, but I've only got 8 lots of 20 seconds to cut off my time to get to my goal pace for 5km.


Did some more yoga this morning, hopefully will make that a habit.

At lunchtime today, while shopping, I made a decision that I am not to buy any new clothes until I hit 7kg loss. That is 3.6kg away, so I'm about half way there. I'm that certain I am going to lose the weight I am not allowed to shop.

But I can still buy shoes, because my feet won't get any smaller....

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