Monday, January 31, 2011

Introducing...the February 100km challenge

So I've been talking about this for a little while, and tomorrow it starts. The February 100km challenge.

Basically I need to get up my kms in February to get a overall total of over 100km. Being a short month makes it a little harder, but that's the point.

I've got some rules:
  • The kms must be completely running kms only. No walk/run intervals can count. UNLESS the run interval is at least 1km in distance.
  • Each run that is added to the total distance must be at least 1km.
  • Each run that is added ideally will be in full kms. But I think I will accept half km additions. I don't normally do them so I doubt they will get added. Later on in the month I might be happy I am lenient on this rule.
  • If I get an injury over the month, the challenge is over for me
  • At least one run must be outside
I think that's all of my rules, I might add more later today if I remember something I've forgotten.

I should relax tonight to prepare, but I am going to do water aerobics to strengthen my muscles instead.

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