Monday, January 24, 2011


After my 10km on Saturday, you would think I would give myself a rest? No! I don't work like that.

Yesterday after some wandering around looking at fridges, which gave my legs a good stretching, I really felt like another run. I decided to call it my "recovery" run. I read after a marathon you need to do one, so why not after 10km?

3km sounded like a good figure, a nice easy distance for me now.

So I do my 3km, in 19:18, which is not too bad for me, not my best, but not my worst. Afterwards I'm just not satisfied, so I do a 5:48 1km also. That was a nice tough one, I felt my legs burning, very nice!

Did some more yoga this morning and added some muscle workouts to it. After the 10km on Saturday I was down 1kg, each day since I have been down an extra 0.1kg. That brings my 'official' weightloss today to 4.5kg.

5.5kg to go! Officially..


I'm going to Melbourne on Wednesday, and not sure if I will be able to run after Wednesday until Sunday. The plan is to run both today and tomorrow to make up for it. I can always run Wednesday morning before my flight, but I doubt I will. Morning runs? Not for me thanks.

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