Friday, January 7, 2011

Best run yet!

I went to the gym last night intending on doing the 21 minute workout I had designed.

Instead I ran for 40 minutes!

The treadmill stats (which is what I'm going to rely on for now) was 6km in 39:25. Micoach stats was 6.16km in 40 minutes.

No idea how miCoach and the treadmill can have different times...

I think because miCoach was forcing me to run quite slow, within my green zone, for the first 21 minutes (apart from my intervals) that is why I was able to run for longer. That's how I used to run, I would run quite slow then gradually speed up. MiCoach says my best km was just over 6 minutes, for a long run, that's pretty good.

Today I am taking a well deserved break, with a lake run planned for sometime over the weekend. This is mostly to work out whether or not miCoach is wrong, or if the treadmill is wrong.

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