Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 100km Challenge Wrap up

Yesterday I completed the 100kms!

Friday: 4km in 26:35
Saturday: 6km in 40:35

I'm pretty tired. Here's some stats from February:

Total Weight Loss: 2.9kg
Days of running: 18 days
Amount of runs: 22 runs
Calories burnt (according to miCoach): 8951 calories
Time spent running: 11:02:51
Average Pace: 6:32
Average distance of runs: 4.5km
Longest run: 10km (day 20)
Shortest run: 1km (Day 18)
Fastest pace: 5:36mins per km (1km, day 18)
Slowest pace: 6:50mins per km (6km, day 6)
Average Heart Rate: 170bpm


Originally my reward was going to be a GHD, but I wasn't really that excited about it. I then changed my mind to an Xbox, but once I started researching I decided I didn't really need one.

Instead I just wandered the shops trying to find something I wanted.

I ended up buying these:

A pair of Nike Free "Run". They didn't have any pink so I went with orange.

Pretty keen to get out for a run today in these.

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