Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 100km Challenge: Day 22

So very close! 22km to go, on day 22!

I ran 3km yesterday at the new Anytime Fitness gym in Fyshwick. The treadmill was pretty neat. I really liked the footage of running around a 400m track.

I'm doing much better running at higher speeds, I ran at over 10.5 for well over 500m yesterday, towards the end of my 3km. Very pleased.

Tried to beat my best 3km, but was too late when I decided to do that. 18:34. Not too bad though.

Last night my legs were very uncomfortable. I think I need a rest from the 10km Sunday and 3km yesterday. I'll then try for a 6km tomorrow.

My abs were looking pretty neat this morning. Think they'll look pretty good after I lose another 5kg!

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  1. Hey, you must be using something similar to the LifeFitness treadies at my gym! When I need the motivation through the long slow burn (read: the past ten runs I've done ;)) I put it on the 5km track and watch it like a file transfer progress bar!

    And hooray for abs, that's all I can say! I'm happy enough that I have a waist so far. :)