Sunday, February 20, 2011

February 100km Challenge - Day 20

There's just over 1 week remaining for my challenge. It's going to be over very soon.

Yesterday I was supposed to do a 6km run, but I got so addicted to my computer game I didn't even change out of my PJs, let alone leave the house for a run.

Today I wasn't going to let that happen, I went straight to the gym after finally (finishing) watching Inception, before I got the chance to play the computer.

Plan was to do only 6km. This would leave 4km to do tomorrow, and since I'm committed to a gym session tomorrow it was no big deal.

They have moved the treadmills around slightly at the gym, as I mentioned in the last post. There are now only 2 of the treadmills I actually want to use, because one broke (wasn't me!). After I hopped on, a girl who was running on one of the shit treadmills moved over to the other one, so she was next to me. She started running while I started my 2-3 minute warm up walk.

Run was comfortable, the acupressure massage on Friday (and rest yesterday) must've sorted out whatever was causing my ankle stiffness. At the 1km point I knew I could get to 6km. At 4km I was pretty comfortable, the girl next to me was also still running.

Sometimes I make a competition in my head with people who are in the gym when I'm there. The girl next to me seemed like good competition, at 5km she was still going. Usually I have won by now. At about that point I decided a 10km was possible, I should try it. This would get me to where I needed to be to start the week, plus I really needed to do one as I have a 10km fun run in exactly 2 weeks. Plus. there is no way this girl could run for 70 minutes. What are the chances?

Getting closer to 10k, the girl next to me wasn't letting up. She was doing faster intervals than I could do, she was putting up the incline, and she was also reading a newspaper. What a machine. For the last 2km I felt she was matching my pace, we were almost running in sync with each other. It was pretty good actually. I thought she might stop when I stopped.

Last 300m I did a sprint to the end. When I say sprint, I only got it up to 12kph speed at the end, but after 9.9km that's not an easy effort. Luckily I had my current favourite running song making that easier (Killing in the Name by RATM).

Total time for 10km was 66:42. Not bad. Second 5km definitely significantly slower than the first, I had the treadmill down to 8kph at one point, around 7km, just to give myself some recovery time so I could do the full distance.

The girl next to me was STILL RUNNING when I finished. She was also still running 10 minutes later when I cleaned the treadmill. I didn't get a chance to look at her distance, but it had to be close to 15km with the pace she was going. So impressed.

I wonder if she wants a new friend.

When I got home after my shower I did a weigh in, I was under 7kg loss. 7.2kg loss to be exact. That's a huge milestone. It gets me under a weight I haven't been at for close to 2 years.

Only 2.8kg to go. (But then I want to lose another 2kg at least).

Whitsunday's is now looking like it's going to happen. But I don't know if I want to go in winter or not. I think I might wait until spring, close to my birthday. Hopefully I can be more than 5kg lighter than I am now. That would be awesome.

Computer game time now. I think I've deserved it.

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