Friday, February 18, 2011

Change of plans, change of pace

I didn't run last night. I got home, started playing Test Drive Unlimited 2, and kept on playing until after 8pm. By this point I knew there was no chance I could change, drive to the gym, and run a decent amount before they closed.

So it was a rest day. No big deal right? Considering I ran the two days before. I felt pretty guilty thought, I was sitting on my arse playing computer games for nearly 3 hours. Wrong!

Instead I ran today at lunch time, I wasn't originally planning too, but I figured TDU2 was too big of a risk to my running. So today lunch time it was.

When I got to the gym, there were two guys running on my treadmills. OH NO I thought. It was bound to happen one day, I'll just deal with using one of the small ones. As I walk over I notice the new one, that previously was facing the wrong way, which made it oh-so unappealing to use, was moved and facing the right way.

So I try the new one. It's been moved to face the right way, but it's still right next to the door and reception. High traffic area! The little holders for water/etc were on a weird angle and very annoying for my iPod and miCoach.

Anyways, so I run, and less than 1km in my left ankle decides to be a big fat jerk again. I feel deflated, I start thinking there is no way I can finish my 100km in this state. I think I am close to injury, I MAY HAVE TO GIVE UP.

I pushed through to 1.5km. Decided to do some upper body weights. That was fun, it was hard. I managed to get to a point where I physically could not move the bars. Very pleased.

After the weights, I notice my treadmills are free. Woohoo, I think. I'll give it another go.

I jump on, but my mood is so bad that I only manage to get through 1.5km to round the run up to 3km. I walk it off, I feel angry, I feel annoyed. MY STUPID ANKLE IS CAUSING ME SO MUCH STRESS.

The anger was helpful, I decide to use this anger to get back at my STUPID ANKLE. How about a fast km? I think to myself. So, I start the treadmill at 10 speed, and start running again. at 0.3km I push it up to 10.6, planning to only catch up from the slow time that the treadmill speeds up. After 0.5km, when I am a few seconds under my target, I decide 10.6 is staying. So, I stay at 10.6. I'm pretty sure at 0.7km I pushed it up to 11, then at 0.8km up to 11.5, 0.9km 12 and 0.95 up to 12.5.

5:39! Best km (solo km) yet!

I stop, I feel proud, I have a sense of 'TAKE THAT STUPID ANKLE' (which meanwhile, is not causing me any grief).

That took me to 4km. Not bad. But I wasn't satisfied.

So, off I go again, another fast km. I really don't think I could do as well as the first. I just hope to be under 6 minutes. I do the same as last time, 10.6 at the 0.3km point. However, before 0.7 I start to increase the speed. I don't really know what speeds I did when, it was a bit more random button pushing. But my final speed was 12.7km

5:36! Woohoo!

That took me to 5km. I really need to do 6km to be back on target. So, I did an easy 1km on about 9 speed to round that up to 6km.

Very pleased with my gym workout today. I am incredibly fatigued, was forced to play table tennis this afternoon anyway... tiring (and I lost, again).

35km to go!

Ideally I want to be at 25km by end of Monday. That's only 10km in 3 days, totally doable.

Getting Chinese acupressure massage tonight, hoping this sorts out my ankle issue. I suspect the cause of my ankle issue is actually my knee/calf. I'm slightly worried that I'll be sore from the massage tomorrow, but I have the space to be able to skip a run tomorrow if need be.

Crikey, I might actually be able to do this 100km.

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