Saturday, February 12, 2011

February 100km Challenge: Day 12

Today I did a 6km run at the lake. I did a lap, turned around for another 500m then turned back for the last 500m. It was my most comfortable outside run I've had. Was fantastic. I was definitely experiencing my running trance, I have little memory for most of the run. Excellent. Time was nothing special, spot on 40 minutes.

This takes my February total to 44km, 56km to go!

32km of those km have been in the last 7 days! Insane!

I also discovered that miCoach is accurate in terms of both distance and time. This means the treadmill is wrong, and I've been running further and faster than I've been thinking. My 10km according to miCoach was done in less than 65 minutes. That's super.

Big news on the weight side also. I have reached 7kg loss. This is fantastic. This means I can officially go shopping for new clothes, even though I did some on Thursday and this morning. Oh well, I didn't jump the gun by too far.

3kg to go! However I know after those 3kg ideally I'll be looking at losing another 5kg to get back to the weight I was when I first moved to Canberra. I suspect because I had little muscle on me back then this will be unlikely. Hopefully the goal of fitting into my size 9 jeans I bought back in January 2008 should do it.

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