Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tiring February

There are 5 days left of February. Tiring, exhasting February.

Yesterday I managed to get out a good 6km, my fastest yet. 38:44 I think it was. Before that my best was over 39 minutes.

16km to go!

I have my running gear with me today, I think I'm committed to going to the Anytime Fitness gym again. I'll try to do another 6km, hoping for a bit more than that. However, I'm driving a colleague so she'll be stuck at the gym until I finish.

Then the question is, do I finish up in one or two runs? If I do 6km today, I have 10km left. I can do that in one run, but I'd need to rest tomorrow and try to do it on Saturday. The risk is I won't be able to run 10km on Saturday (I can't always run 10km...I need to be in the right body and head space for it). Then I'll have to run on Sunday. Which is not what I want to do.

So, I could run 6-7km today, attempt to finish tomorrow night. If I don't, then I should have a do-able amount on Saturday.

Looking forward to Sunday, a very big rest day.

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