Thursday, February 17, 2011

February 100km Challenge - Day 17

I've done two runs since my last post.

Tuesday, I wanted to do a minimum of 4km, but was hoping for 6km. Early on my left ankle was causing me some grief, and at the 1.5km point I had to stop and risk injury. I loosened it out, got back on, and did another 1.5km. This meant I was only 0.6km off target... not too bad.

Wednesday, I also wanted to do 6km, at least 5km so that I would be back on target. Early on again I had the same ankle problem. 2km in I stopped, loosened my shoe right up, stretched it, etc. Got back on, and about 1km in I was feeling heaps better. Managed to stick at it for 4km all up for that run, plus the 2km before I stopped made 6km. Hooray.

Today I went to a new gym that has opened up near work with a colleague. It's one of those Anytime gyms, open 24 hours. They had some spiffy looking treadmills - Foxtel, iPod dock, USB upload thingy, personal trainers IN the treadmill. Very spiffy.

My colleague signed up, I wasn't so sure as it's not as close to home as my other gym (which is half way between work and home). They do have one practically across the road from home, but it would be 30 days before I would be able to use any of their gyms. Hmmn.

I decided to get one of their 7 day passes to try it out. I'll see how it goes. If the treadmills are that amazing, well, I'll sign up. I'm tempted to even have 2 gym memberships. I'll see how I feel. Could be silly.

So now I'm kind of tempted to try out the new gym tonight, but the fact that it won't be staffed is a little weird. Not sure that I like it.

One thing I really like about the gym, the treadmills look OUT THE WINDOW. Not at the testosterone filled weights section.

One thing I don't like about the gym, it smells like paint. Gross. That can't be good for my lungs.

I think tonight I'll go to my usual gym, and wait until Monday.

If I can pull of 6km tonight, I'll be ahead for tomorrow, so I will be able to rest tomorrow. Here's hoping. Please be nice to me ankle. (I skipped wearing heels today to try to help it out).

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  1. Hey troop, good to see you're on track, but bummer about the ankle! Sounds like you're due for a decent massage? Or a beach run to strengthen your ankle muscles a bit more? Hang on, does Canberra even have sand?