Wednesday, February 23, 2011

March Speed Challenge

March is nearly here, and I need to decide what my challenge for March shall be.

I decided a week or so ago that March would be my month to improve my running speed. Speed is not something I am great on improving. Generally I am a pretty slow runner. People who run much less than me can run 5km nearly 10 minutes faster than I can. Not fair.

I think this is due to the way I trained myself to run 6 years ago. I was always a slow and steady runner. I was always about distance. Based on this I think I am stuck at running a certain speed, unless I push myself to go faster.

Thoughts for some goals for March:
  • 2km in under 10 minutes
  • 3km in under 18 minutes
  • 5km in under 30 minutes
The first two I am slightly confident I can pull off. 3km in 18 minutes is the easiest of them. My best is 18:17. But my best 2km is 11:30. My best 1km is 5:30ish, so I can possibly get closer to 11, but under 10?

5km in under 30 minutes will probably be the hardest, but it's the one I have actually done before. I have to maintain a 10kph+ speed for 5km. Yikes. Apparently I have done 2km in under 10 minutes, according to my old LJ, but I don't remember it.

I feel like my March speed challenge will be harder than my February 100km challenge. This is why I have booked some Personal Training. I need to strengthen my legs, and push myself in ways that I don't think of.

I wish I could live at Camp Biggest Loser.

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