Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rest days galore

Yesterday I had my second rest day in four days! Amazing.

I was able to rest again so soon because I hit the half way mark a day early, after I did a 6km at the gym on Sunday afternoon. Was a pretty good run, time was 39:19, which is just short of my best time.

During my run, during one of my speed up intervals my iPod cracked it and was stuck going to max volume. This was way too loud and while running I had to change my iPod settings to lower the max volume. While doing this I totally forgot what speed I was doing and just continued to run while fixing my iPod. I ended up doing double my faster interval than what I would've done. Argh. Was buggered. It sure did help my time, but I think it stopped any chance that I was going to try to do an extra km to get under half way.


Sunday night and last night have not been the healthiest in terms of eating. This has taken 0.8kg off my weight loss. That's not too bad really. I think I got over excited with my 7kg weight loss anyway, using a weight in straight after a 6km run.

I am confident I can get over 7kg loss by the end of the week with a few long runs. That will be exciting.

If I'm really lucky I might be able to coincide my 10kg with my 100km. It's a bit of an ask, 3-4kg in 2 weeks is too much. I wouldn't be able to sustain that.

Lunch time run today, going to go for 6km. As long as I do 4km, I'm on track.

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