Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Weight success, New shoes, March training

On Sunday morning I did a Wii Fit weigh-in. For awhile I was doing them every morning, but lately I've only been doing it a few times a week. Sunday morning was the first morning weigh-in in some time.

Somehow (possibly from lots of running and not eating much), between Friday afternoon and Sunday morning I lost 1.8kg! It's the biggest weight jump I've had on Wii Fit. This put my BMI to 25.08, which is *SO* close to ideal. I haven't been 'ideal' according to Wii Fit for 2 years.

I also tried on a few pairs of old jeans, I have a pair of 3/4 jeans I have had for nearly 10 years. These have always been my 'if these fit, I'm happy with my weight'. At my lightest in 2007 I was able to take these jeans off without undoing them. Anyway, I tried them on a couple of weeks ago and couldn't do them up. On Sunday, I could do them up! I wouldn't quite say they fit, they're a bit too tight to comfortably wear. I'd say in 2kg they will be wearable. Exciting. I have another pair of shorts that I really like that are even closer to fitting. I think I need to grab my old clothes from storage and see what fits! Will save me buying new clothes.


Last night I did a short outside run in my "Nike Free Run+" shoes. This is the first time I've attempted 'barefoot' running. The shoes really do force you to run differently. I found it alright, I felt that I exerted myself much less with the running style, my heart rate was very low, in the 150s, and the run felt like nothing. I only did 1.5km, but it felt like I didn't even do a km. That also could be the outside running helping with that....

After the run my right foot muscles (on top of my foot) hurt, and my calves were pretty tight. I think I am going to wait until after the half marathon before training myself to run in these shoes. I have very little time to prepare for the 21km (less than 6 weeks now), and don't want to waste any time.


Tonight I have my first trial PT session at a 'Personal Training Gym'. I've always been a bit funny about personal trainers that work at gyms, but if this is a pure personal training gym, it might be okay. At least it's free to give it a go.

This Sunday I have a 10km Sri Chinmoy Fun Run. I paid for it yesterday, so I'm locked in (although $15 doesn't really lock me in...). Apparently it's quite hilly and challenging. According to the half marathon training guide I printed out I should be running 16km this weekend. I think 10km outside with hills and with people is much better to do. I'll try to get closer to 15km the weekend after.

Pleased there is a long weekend soon, I need the extra days off for training! I need to try for some long runs (10km+) a couple of times a week, and I can't do that at lunch time, and I don't really like running after work.

I also need to try to do 2km under 10minutes. I've decided this is my only March challenge, the speed work once or twice a week will be good, and I don't see it impacting on my half marathon training.

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