Thursday, March 3, 2011

Outside running, PT interviews

A good friend of mine who completed the February 100km challenge with me, has decided to do 50km of outside running in March. I think I am also going to attempt to achieve this, although not as officially as I did the February 100km Challenge.

So far, I've done 7km!

Last night I did 7km of the 10km Sri Chinmoy Running Course that I am running on Sunday in a fun run. I was hoping that being aware of the course I am doing will help on Sunday. I was particularly interested in it as it's described as hilly and challenging. The last run I did that was described as challenging I didn't believe it really would be..

It has quite a few hills. It's an out and back course, and unfortunately all hills are up and down, so on the way back you practically have to do them again.

My pace for my run yesterday was shithouse, but my heart rate was in the 150s for quite a bit of it. Usually my heart rate is in the 160-170s, sometimes in the 180s. This is a good sign.

After the run I felt confident that I will be able to do the Canberra Half Marathon in just over 5 weeks. Yes I have to do what I did x 3, but I think at that pace (over 7 minute per km) I'l be alright. It'll be a slow going 21km, but it's totally doable.

Going to do another outside run tonight, might just run near my house though.


Tonight I am meeting another potential PT. He works out of my gym, which is lucky. I just did some research on him and he does CrossFit training, and has trained one of the local AFL teams. Excellent signs.

I think he'll be intense enough. However, I'm worried that I'll meet him, and he'll assign another trainer to me.

I still haven't used my 3 PT sessions at my gym, which I bought in August. Oops.

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