Saturday, November 13, 2010


I haven't done any running since Tuesday. I have been really tired. I think I have been over doing it and not eating well enough.

Anyway, tonight I started doing a Pilates video by The Hollywood Trainer, yikes. I thought it was going to be easy, like the yoga ones I've been doing. I started doing it in my PJs, in the end I had to do it in my underwear. The toughness plus the humidity of today made it very difficult. I pushed through and did it all. The ab workouts are great. I'm pretty sure my abs are awesome. The leg workouts were TOUGH, I think it's what I need to do to improve my running.

I watched some show today about the limits of the human body, and how we can push our bodies to do insane things if we condition our bodies. It said the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn. Then I read an article in Cleo of all places telling me the same thing. Apparently you can burn 40% more calories if you do weights sessions also. I'm now convinced I need to spend more time on weights. I think if I set myself a plan to do 3 runs a week, one of them being a 5km run, and 1-2 other sessions of either weights or pilates, then that'll be good. I'm definitely going for a run tomorrow, it might just be a 3km run with some intervals.

My eating has been okay. Today I had eggs, mushrooms and toast for breakfast, no lunch, then lamb rack with small amount of potatoes and green vegies for dinner, and lemon meringue for dessert. I ended up being lighter after dinner than at the beginning of the day... hmmn..

Anyway, the weight loss has bounced the wrong way, and now I'm only at 1.5kg. I think that's okay, I read everywhere that if I lose weight too fast, then I'm just more likely to put the weight back on. I'm happy to do it slowly and the right way. Even if it takes me 6 months to lose my 10kg, that's okay.

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