Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I've been attempting to lose 10kg for the past couple of months. So far, I have pretty much lost nothing. I've yo-yoed up and down over the past 2 months, and am pretty much exactly where I started.

Even though I haven't really lost weight in terms of kg, I still have achieved quite a bit over the last couple of months. I can now run 5km without stopping, my best time so far is 36:11. My best 2km time this year is 12:44.

Other than the 10kg, my goals are:
  • 2km in under 10 minutes
  • 5km in under 30 minutes
  • 10km
I can only blame the lack of weight loss on my diet, it's the only thing left that must be the cause. I could probably also add more variety to my workouts. I need to do weights more often, and maybe yoga or pilates will also help.

I'm going to use this blog to record my exercise, food intake, thoughts, challenges, celebrations, etc.

I started a similar blog years ago, it can be found here: http://juliegetsfit.livejournal.com

So far this week:


* Biggest Loser meal replacement bar
* Coffee with soy milk (from now this will be 'coffee')
* 2 x small slices of banana bread
* Bean curry with rice and raita
* Small handful of almonds
* Meatballs, pasta and garlic bread (smaller serve than I usually have

* 2km in 12:55


* Biggest Loser meal replacement bar
* Coffee
* Chicken, salad, bread rolls, salami, strawberries
* Small handful of almonds
* 2 x Darrell Lea chocolates
(No dinner tonight)
* 1 hour of Yoga


My goals/plan for the week (ends Sunday)
  • Eat healthier and less
  • Run 2 x 5km and 2 x 2km (on top of the 2km already done)

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