Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Slack fingers, faster legs

Gosh, it's been awhile since I updated.

It's been a fairly eventful few weeks. Achievements to note:

15km run
This was in training for the half marathon that is THIS SUNDAY. I did it in 1:53:40. Don't really care how long I took, main thing was that I did it.
After the run I was a wreck, and when I say wreck, that's an understatement. I was pretty sure I was dying, and close to sending myself to hospital. This was due to not getting any food into me for 2 hours after the run. Rookie mistake. After some toast and gastrolyte I was all good.

Fast 3km
Just 2 days after the 15km, I pushed out a 3km in 17:52, which broke the 6min/km pace goal I am on. It was significantly easier than the 3km that I did in 18:17 a couple of months ago. Pleasing.

Faster 1km
Lately I've been pushing out some sub 5 minute kms. I've done a handful recently. They're all very much just under, with my best being 4:57. Main thing is it's consistent. But I hope that next week to I can get closer to 4:30.

They have all been pretty good achievements. But overall I have been pretty slack. I tried to get a 10km done on Sunday (last chance training before half marathon), but didn't even make 3km. This was from bad food choices during the day, but I also suspect from not training enough lately.


Today I forced myself to go to the gym at lunch, I nearly piked because I was hungry, but I shovelled down some fruit and went anyway.

Guess what I did.

SUB 30 MIN 5km!

Finally! And not only sub 30 minutes, but my BEST 5km EVER recorded. EVER. My previous best was 29:45, and this was in 2006. Today I did 29:20.

It was pretty easy going, but afterwards I was very red for quite sometime. Got a lot of comments at work, but I was on a big rush from the speedy run that I didn't care at all.

I think this is due to a combination of longer runs and the fast kms. Because my fast kms are running well over 12km/h speed, running at 10km/h is pretty cruisy now, and I can now maintain that easily for 5km.

Next I have to double that.

But not only that, I have to take a few more minutes off. Challenging some guys at work in the Mothers' Day 10km, and we're aiming for sub 55min 10km. I think I can actually do it, I know the course well (bridge to bridge run x 2), there are pretty much no hills... yeah, I can do it.

But, before that. I have to run 21.1km. Did I mention that is THIS SUNDAY.

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