Friday, April 29, 2011

"Skinny" jeans? Yes please.

This morning while putting on my jeans, the jeans that have only recently started fitting again, I noticed they were feeling a bit large. So I thought it might be time to pull out the few pairs of "skinny" jeans I have floating around.

I have three pairs of "skinny" jeans. A pair of Roxy jeans, which I believed to be the closest to fitting, a pair of Giordano jeans, which I wore all the time in my last year in Brisbane & first year in Canberra, and a pair of size 9 Jeans West jeans that I bought right after I got out of hospital with pneumonia and I think fitted for about 2 weeks.

Roxy jeans

Giordano jeans

I first tried on the Roxy jeans, which I believed to be the biggest. It was a struggle, I could technically do them up but there would be no way I could wear them. Damn. Jeans fail.

I thought that would've been it, none of the jeans would fit. However, I decided to give the Giordano jeans a go, mostly to see if I could even do them up (last time I couldn't get close).

Amazingly, they fitted!
They fit!!

I then took a look at the sizes of these jeans. The Roxy jeans are a size 10, and the Giordano jeans are a size 27! 27?! That's apparently a size 9. Wtf! They must've done some serious stretching over the last few years...

I guess it could also be the jeans. The Roxy jeans are really stiff around the waist, where the Giordano ones are a bit stretchier.. and maybe the thigh area is bigger? Who knows. Damn inconsistent sizing.

 This is me in 2007 wearing the same jeans:

Around 5kg lighter.

Regardless, I don't really like the Roxy jeans, they're just there as a body shape indicator, on how much cms I'm losing.

Last night I went to my gym to get a re-assessment, I wanted to see how many cms I've lost. Turns out they've lost my records. Boohoo. I can just imagine they were good, big numbers.

The next challenge will be these babies:

These are my size 9 Jeans West jeans that I bought in January 2008. It was a month after I was in hospital with pneumonia, and I got under 60kg. I think they fitted me for a few weeks.

Actually, they may have never fitted. When I bought them I wanted the size 10, but the guy at Jeans West said to go down a size because they will stretch.


I stretched instead.

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