Sunday, April 10, 2011

Half marathon wrap up

Woke up at 5am, after getting to sleep at around 1am (went to bed before 10pm...).

Showered, had breakfast, had some tummy issues that were slowly sorting themselves out.

Headed to Telopea, and it was RAINING.

Smashed down a Gu Gel, some nutrient water, and headed to the back of the pack.

Start of the race was great, felt very happy. First 5km was over before I knew it, the rain did not stop though, and going through the trees meant the rain was a bit heavier coming off the trees.

Heading up the slight incline towards Parliament House, ran around it, we came back down the same way we went up, I decided to speed up since it was a slight downhill. Not long after this I started to notice that my socks were most definitely wet, and they felt like they were scrunching. I stopped for a second to pull them up. Kept going.

Just before 10km there was a water station, I smashed down another Gu Gel and had some water to wash it down. Around this point I could tell I definitely had a blister, I told myself who cares, ignore it, keep going.

We turned around somewhere near 10km to start lap two... heading up to Kings Ave wasn't as incliney as I was expecting, but once we got there I looked forward and towards Parkes Way looked like much more of a hill than I was imagining. Groan.

After the hill, I felt super, it was about 12-13km at this point I think. Sped up a bit, even did a bit of singing.

Gu station was at 15km, I grabbed one for later. High fived a kid on the side of the road (one of the highlights!).

Once we hit the 'marathoners go this way, half marthoners turn around here' I started to feel a bit fatigued, I think this was about 16km. There was a small hill getting onto Commonwealth. Marathoners were over taking me left and right. This was also the most I had ever run.

I set miCoach up so that it would keep me within the pace I wanted to be in. This was between 8km/h and 9.5km/h. If I went too fast (which I generally ignored, because if I was running fast it was because it felt right) it told me to slow down, if I went too slow (which only happened on water stops and one of the inclines) it told me to speed up.

I always imagined that once I got off Commonwealth Ave bridge that the end would be in sight, there was less than 4km to go, which would be what, 25 minutes at that pace? I could tell I was well on pace to finish under 2:30 (my time goal), however earlier on in the race I thought I might even get under 2:20!

Just getting off the bridge I felt the struggle, I had another Gu, some water, and pushed through.

I overtook a lady that I remember overtaking in the 10km Sri Chinmoy run, this made me pleased.

19km there was another water stop, took it. Needed the push for a fast final km.

Around this point this couple that I had been over taking, being over taken by, etc over took me. Couldn't let this happen. I pushed forward and got under 6min/km. This was really really difficult. At one point I had a near out of body experience. My legs felt a bit of burn, but not too much. Groan again.

The guy who won the Marathon passed me just after the 20km point, my aim was to finish at approx the same time, hey, I was only a 1km behind!

Once I passed the corner and could see the finish I went for it, got up over 12km/h and just kept going.

Think I finished at 2:26, miCoach says 2:25:30. But miCoach told me I did an extra km.

It rained the entire way, I don't remember it stopping for a second.

I have multiple blisters, chaffing in numerous spots and I'm frigging tired.

But considering I not only finished, but beat my goal time, I'm pretty happy!

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