Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two PBs, Two days

The Mothers Day Classic 10km was on Sunday. I didn't reach my goals, I ran it in 1:02:48, and all of my colleagues beat me. My tester by only 3 seconds! Gah! If it wasn't for me he would've probably done it much slower (he was carrying an injury).

I can blame maybe a minute on an undone shoelace in the first 100m, and a runner jam on the bridge just after the 1km point (which forced everyone to walk for a little while). But that's still nearly 2 minutes that were due to my own fault. I can also blame my pace setting on miCoach. It was telling me I was running at an okay pace for 6:15 min kms. Guess what my average pace for the run ended up being? 6:17. Fuck! Next time I'll know to make sure I set the pace to exactly what I want to be running.

Anyway, the 62:48 for 10km is still a PB. Previously it was 64+. So, that's something.

Last night I decided to go for another run, what I'd like to call a 'recovery run' from the 10km. I managed to get a 4km PB for that run, 23:25, with my previous best 4km being 26:00, which was a MAP interval run.

Tonight, I might try to break another PB. At this stage I haven't decided what distance yet. I have adjusted my short distance goals to try to get faster. They are:

2km < 11
3km < 16:30
4km < 22
5km < 27:30
That's all at 5:30 min pace.

I think I can totally do the 2km. I might try for the 3km tonight.

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