Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Let's change that to 4 PBs, 3 days

Last night I headed to the gym again, I was attempting to do a 3km under 16:30. However, it was pretty hard and I stopped at 2km. I did get my PB for 2km though! 10:54!

I decided that I should run another 1km to make up for the fact I didn't do the 3km, and managed to get a PB for 1km also. 4:54!!!


Now just gotta do that 3km. I wonder if this week I can make all of my runs PBs...

No run tonight, BEN FOLDS tonight! The 12th time seeing him live. Could be more, but can only think of 11 times off the top of my head: 1997 Recovery, 1998 Palais concert, 1998 Recovery, 1999 Palais concerts x 2, 2001 Prince of Wales concert, 2002 Palais concert, 2002 Live at the Chapel, 2003 The Bens concert, 2006 Tivoli concert, 2009 Opera House concert.

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