Monday, March 23, 2015

5km headache

Just went out for a run. I really wanted to try to extend the route near my house and do a 7km, but at the 1km point I got a monster headache.

I wanted to cut the run shorter and just head home (cutting the run to about 3.5km) but I luckily kept pushing through and made it to 5km.

I tried a different way than I usually go, a bit of 'there and back' but it avoided some back streets I didn't feel like running today (just had a feeling not to go there today, y'know) and somehow turned out to be longer than the usual route. 

My last km was almost a 6 minute one, which is great because I felt like absolute shit during it. I managed to keep the last 500m at around 5:30 pace, it's the easiest part of the run (plus it's the end) so I usually can smash it out, but it felt a bit easier to keep that faster pace than usual (headache or no headache!)

I must drink more water in the few hours before a run, I think I had no water (just coffee) before I went out. Stupid move.

I should probably think of weekly training plans on Sunday. I should incorporate:

* 1 long run (longer than the weeks before), so this week I still need to try for at least 7km
* Sprint intervals or hills. The 'Sprint 8' workout that Carrie taught me was pretty easy but seemed good. I think I could push the 'recovery' speed a bit and make it a bit tougher.
* 2 x weight sessions. As much as I like going the Crossfit classes at work, it's usually just 10 minutes of bad technique. Last week I put together a partner strength session that nearly killed Carrie and I, maybe we can do that again. We should be able to do that the same day as the Sprint 8.
* Fast 1-2km runs. I want to try these on the treadmill at work and see how wrong the treadmill at home is. I could barely get under 6 minute, which just seems stupid since I've been able to get under 5 minutes. 

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